Mexican Endemic Flora and Fauna

Mexican Endemic Flora and Fauna

Upon its launch for the 9th Expo Patchwork & Quilt, the contest “Mexican Endemic Flora and Fauna” generated a lot of controversies, because apparently we’re not conscious of the huge variety of plants and animals that are native to Mexico. As time went on, ideas began appearing and we started to receive confirmations of works that were being made for this contest call. The plethora of examples of endemic species all over the national territory is very inviting, and it’s easy to include one or more species in a single piece, as you will appreciate along the exhibit.

The theme for this contest was originally born from an idea that we talked with our quilter friends in Australia, in order to make two sister collections with a common topic. We agreed that the native species of both countries would be what we would represent

These pieces, truly “Made in Mexico” –even when some were produced abroad– are a sample of one of the many riches that our country has and that we should preserve. Imagining that beautiful pieces can be created from scratch makes us firmly believe that our limits lie only within our fears. The artists whose work makes up this exhibition didn’t just concentrate on the species that they wanted to represent, but also in bringing a message across. This collection is an homage to creativity and to the courage of those who dared to research, imagine, create and to not give up along the way. We sincerely hope that this collection can be a call to take care of the richness within Mexico and that it incites creativity among many other patchwork and quilt artists.

This collection was exhibited at the 9th Expo Patchwork & Quilt Mexico City 2017. It was also on display alongside its sister collection, “Made in Australia: Flora and Fauna” at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Australia (2017) and at the 10th Expo Patchwork & Quilt Mexico City 2018.

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