In Quilters de México® we aim to promote, encourage and develop the growth of Patchwork and Quilting in Mexico in an open, enthusiastic and honest way. We seek to train whoever’s interested, feature their works, and achieve national and international recognition for the creative Mexican hands.

Let’s go together!

The call for entries for the 2020 quilt contest is available now! The theme is “Artisanal Mexican Toys”. Click here to read the call for entries and participate!

Patchwork is a type of needlework that consists of sewing together small pieces of fabric into blocks, which when put together with other blocks will form the final product called “quilt”.

Quilt is a type of needlework that consists of joining together a sandwich of fabric using ornamental stitches. The sandwich is made of: a front layer (which can be made of patchwork), a middle layer (batting, felt or similar materials) and a back layer. The term “quilt” is also used to call the finished product, regardless of its size or utility.

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