Handbag Contest

Handbag Contest
A fun and creative activity for all!

In order to participate, you must wear your handbag during the Festival and QUILT FASHION SHOW.
Your handbag must include a patchwork and/or quilting technique.
Upon arrival to the Festival, you will be handed a number which you must wear at all times, as it will be the way for the judges and audience to identify you.

Judges and awards:
1. We will have judges during the fashion show, who will grade the handbags. Their decision will be final.
2. The judges will chose the first three winners, who will receive one of our sponsors’ prizes.
3. The audience choice will be awarded through a vote from the Festival goers. The three handbags with the most votes will be the winners.
4. The NEW TALENTS award will be given to children and teenagers between 8 and 14 years of age who participate with a handbag that has been designed and created by them. The prizes for this category will be raffled among the participants.

Upon arrival to the Festival, you must let the organizing committee know of your intention to participate.

1. Any point not covered in this document or controversy regarding the contest will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.
2. Participants of the contest agree upon registration that any pictures of their work may be used by QUILTERS DE MÉXICO® for advertising, product design, or other promotional or commercial purposes.