Charity Activity

Charity Activity

In each of our events, one of the main activities is to support an institution that helps those most in need.
For the PATCHWORK FESTIVAL 2018 in León Guanajuato, we’ll be supporting the disabled patients of the CRIT BAJÍO, who are cared for by the TELETÓN foundation.

We will donate fabric plush balls!

Click here to download the pattern to make your ball. We ask that you please put enough stuffing so that the sphere is well formed and the ball is firm.

Video tutorial:

Your collaboration will be of great help to give our little warriors the opportunity to have a new toy that can help them in their recovery and for you it will be a fun and relaxing activity.

The toy to be donated will be handed in at the reception of the Festival in the Poliforum during the three days of the Festival.
Participate and tell your friends too, it’s for a noble cause.
Thanks very much for your collaboration!

If you have any doubts, you can communicate with:
Lúlu Cruz
Charity manager