Mayans: Creation, Art and Science

According to the Mayans, in 2012 the world was supposed to end…
However, here we are celebrating the magic, creativity, science, and the great cultural heritage that this human group, which forms part of our nation, has inherited us. The Mayans – the first culture in the world to use number zero in maths – were extraordinary builders, not only for the greatness of their pyramids, but also for the intelligence with which they planned the commercial routes of the products that arrived from the sea and were to be distributed to all the populations in land. They were artists – not only for the stela that we still preserve in countless archaeological sites, known and to be known – but also for the multiple geometric designs that keep on inspiring us today. Astronomers, artists of colour, of words, of humanism: in all, a culture that will never disappear, dispite all predictions.
Today we honour this national pride in pieces that bring out the multiple faces of the richness that the Mayans have left us, and that we must preserve for the future generations.

This collection was not only on display at the 8th Expo Patchwork and Quilt Mexico City 2016, but will also travel to the Festival of Quilts in Beaujolais, France in April. It will be displayed in the Summer Festival of Quilts in the Bajío in June, and it will visit the Patchwork Festival in Suzdal, Russia in August. The creativity of the Mayans, highlighted in its particular expression by each of the artists that shows their work today, transcends frontiers and shows the pride of art in Mexico through patchwork and quilt.

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