Macroquilt: Magic Towns

Macroquilt: Pueblos Mágicos
The idea for this project came up on February 2016, during the 8th Expo Patchwork & Quilt, where there was talk about the collective quilts that have been made in different countries. The topic came up because the Expo featured a massive collective quilt from Bern, Switzerland. This made me think that in Mexico we had never made something of the sort, and that the cultural richness in our country had endless topics to create one.
My father had just suddenly passed away days before, and I was remembering all the travels the we had made as a family. My father didn’t like touristic places, but preferred to go to small towns, and many of the towns we had gone to are now considered “Magical Towns”. This gave me the idea to use the theme “Magical Towns”, and I communicated my plan, which was received with great enthusiasm by my friend Fatima Landi. Together, from that moment on, we started bringing together quilters from all over the country, including Mexican quilters who live abroad as well as foreign ones who reside in different states of Mexico. We put together a group of 75 people, to whom we gave the titles of the towns, agreeing that the quilt would be made up of 111 blocks of 20 x 40 cm, each of which would represent one of the magical towns. There would also be 8 blocks of the same dimensions to make up the title and the Magical Towns logo.

For 10 months, each of the participants did their research– some of them even travelling to their assigned town. During this time they also designed and made their small block.

After this strenuous task, we put together all the blocks; some in Mexico City and others in Guadalajara. In November we met up in Guadalajara to unite and quilt our project. The results is a quilt of 2.76 meters wide by 3.25 meters hight –something that had never been seen in this country.

It’s important to point out that this project was entirely non profit; each participant donated $20 MXN per block to pay for the necessary material to put together and quilt the piece. We never charged anyone for participating and we’re not thinking about obtaining anything for having made this work, except the recognition and satisfaction of seeing it exhibited.

The techniques and materials that were used are as varied as the participants themselves. The quilt is a true collage of techniques including trapunto, English paper, apliqué, and many others. The materials combine fabrics, threads, paint, pens, buttons, yarn and even the creative use of tumble dryer lint.

Sara Ruiz González
Original idea and project director

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