Zapotec Natural Dye and Weaving Workshop in Oaxaca

Zapotec Natural Dye and Weaving Workshop in Oaxaca
Saturday February 8 – Wednesday February 12, 2020
We are proud to have partnered with El Güero Tours to offer you the ultimate Oaxacan experience, including a 2-day workshop with a local community of Zapotec weavers. Immerse yourself in thousand-year old art and natural dye pots! In this extraordinary, hands-on workshop, we learn at the loom of our master weaver and collaborate with a co-op committed to using only organic, natural dyes in the Zapotec community of Teotitlán del Valle, where each member ensures environmental, cultural and community sustainability is the basis for their art. Our dyes for the sheep’s wool will come harvested from the organic orchard used solely for the cultivation of fruit, medicinal plants, insects and vegetables for dyes. From these, we’ll develop our three primary colours: Rich Reds using cochinilla, a bug that hosts on the prickly pear cactus, Brilliant Yellows from wild marigolds and finally Deep Blues from indigo, brought from the Pacific coast, as well as many overdyes that result in more than 20 colours/hues—all from our three primaries! Families here have co-created their art for generations, from preparing the wool to weaving it. In creating our own unique small piece, we will experience this communal process and see how social fabric is at the heart of textiles.
As textile artists, we will compare and contrast the industry and its ethics today and learn how to discern nuances in fibre and dye quality, its impact on finished pieces and the art form itself.
Click here to download the full brochure with details and descriptions of each day’s activities.
Price: $1,300 USD ($24,800 MXN), which includes Mexico City – Oaxaca flights, accommodation, transportation, visits to artisan’s studios, two-day dyeing and weaving workshop, meals, water on transportation, entry fees and guided tour in English.

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