Fashion Contest

Fashion Contest

I— Participation requirements:
1. Make a Huipil that includes patchwork and/or quilting techniques.
2. You are free to use any technique you want.
3. Participants must present their piece(s) on Friday February 16, 2018 at the fashion show, which will happen during the Social Dinner.
4. Whoever wishes to do so can submit their HUIPIQUILT on Wednesday February 14 at 6:00pm at the WTC for it to be displayed during the 3 days of the Expo.

II— Judges and awards:

1. We’ll have 3 judges and their decision will be final.

2. All participants will get an award for their participation and a special recognition to the winning designs.
3. The winning designer will be able to choose among all the presents the one s/he prefers. The rest of the prizes will be raffled among all participants. We thank the following sponsors for the contest prizes:

JANOME: Sewing machine
OMNIGRID: Sewing accessories
AUTHORS OF BLANK: Vegetable tanned fashion accessories

4. We thank CONSTRUCCIONES DOS LEONES for the kind sponsorship of the following prizes for the winning huipiquilts:


5. For the evaluation of the pieces, the following aspects will be taken into account:

• The original design
• The dexterity in the chosen technique
• The finished piece
• Compliance with the requirements for participation and all the conditions as stated in this document

III— Registration:
1. The entry fee is of $300 MXN per piece (includes dinner and your entrance to the Expo on Friday February 16).
2. The deadline to register your pieces is on February 2, 2017.
3. Payment must be made through a bank deposit to HSBC account number 40535 92036 for Eduardo Ramirez Cato or through a bank transfer CLABE: 021 580 040 535 920 363.

Account user name: Eduardo Ramirez Cato
Bank name: HSBC México, S.A.
Account No. 4053592036
Swift Code: BIMEMXMM

4. To register your piece, you must fill in the following form and upload your payment slip there:

Your name*

Piece with which you'll participate*

Your e-mail*
Please double-check that your e-mail is correctly written, since that's where you'll get confirmation of your registration.

Technique used (no more than 25 words)*

Upload a photo of your finished piece here (only .PDF, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG & .JPEG files, maximum 8MB)
(If you can't upload your photo, please e-mail it to including your name.)

Upload a copy of your payment slip here (only .PDF, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG & .JPEG files, maximum 8MB)
(If you can't upload your payment slip, please e-mail it to including your name.)

Comments (optional)

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IV— Notes:
1. Any point that hasn’t been covered in this document or controversy regarding the contest will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.

2. Participants of the contest agree upon registration that any pictures of their work may be used by QUILTERS DE MÉXICO® for advertising, product design, or other promotional or commercial purposes.